Monday, April 22, 2013

YVK,Marine Police and Marine Park  Reserve Unit Member Staff working  hand in hand  on their periodic marine patrol on the coast of  Dar es salaam Indian Ocean.
"Potwe" one of marine species found in Tanzanian Indian Ocean will only keep on adding value to eco tourism if better methods of fishing and conservation education are encouraged.


Among of Mtwara region community members sharing their views on drafted oil and gas policy meeting conducted by ONGEA (Oil, Natural Gas & Environmental Advocacy). YVK attended the meeting as  one of the active members of ONGEA.

A Group photo showing participants of different countries who attended the  SADC WORKSHOP,the workshop was prepared by ACP Fish II.

YVK Chairman, Mr Mfaume Ally (Right) contributing his ideas on fisheries resources co- management  tools,the workshop was held in Kasane (Botswana) from 27-30 August 2012.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Marine Police Patrol Officers in one of their periodical patrol on the Indian Ocean ,Kigamboni Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

On the above photo,from left Mfaume Ally (Chairman of YVK) working together with marine officers to fulfill one of among objectives of YVK (i.e conserving the coastal as well as marine resources).

 Members from different NGOs discussing issues concerning the Oil and Gas activities done on the Indian Ocean, YVK was represented by Mfaume Ally (YVK chairman).

From right,Ally Katoto (YVK secretary) working hand in hand in preparation of the municipal council meeting held recently to discuss issues concerning Temeke district.
Different members who attended the Temeke Municipal Council meeting attentively listening to the presentation.

Above one among Kigamboni community members giving out his opinion on the meeting concerning formation of Beach Management Unit (BMU).

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Above a group photo showing some of participants from seven countries (Kenya,Mauritius,Eritrea, Seychelles,Somalia,Tanzania  Mainland and Zanzibar),having YVK represented by Ally Katoto (Secretary) 3rd Right (standing).
YVK has recently participated on marine fisheries governance training workshop in the ESA-IO Region and value for money for fisheries management service. The workshop was organized by Smart Fish Programme (IOC). The workshop took place in Mombasa,Kenya from 11th to 14th June 2012. 

Participants from Tanzania Mainland attentively listening to the presentation on Marine and Value for Money for Fisheries Management service.From Right Mr.Ally Katoto (YVK), Kassim Kombo (TAFIM), Jacob Nalaila (FSO), Mr.Obadia Ngogo (FSO), Ms.Emelita Saulo (FSO) and lastly the participant from Somalia.

Above photo,from left elected member of Kichangani Local Government, Mr. Mfaume Ally (Chairman of YVK), Julitha Mwangamilo (WWF-RUMAKI) and Teddy Chuwa (Temeke Municipality Fisheries Officer) on the sensitization meeting for formulation of BMU (Beach Management Unit) within Somangila Ward.  

Kichangani Community members listening to the presentation on the formulation of BMU to help in the preservation of marine resources.

 Ms.Magesse (Fisheries Officer) reading the BMU required regulations to Minondo community members.

Minondo community members listening to the presentation as it was being presented by the Fisheries Officer.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Climate Change Capacity Building,Risk Assessment and Adaptation Options Research Workshop.


 The chairman of Youth Vision of Kigamboni (YVK) Mfaume Athuman Ally openning the Tua Moyo community workshop at Kigamboni Dar es Salaam Tanzania.The two days workshop (8 and 9 of August 2011) prepared by Youth Vision of Kigamboni (YVK) in collaboration with Temeke Municipal Council and ICLEI Africa aiming at educating the communityon "Climate change capacity Building,Risk Assessment and Adaptation Options" through consultative and participatory method.

From the Left Lucinda Fairhurst Manager of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction from ICLEI Africa,J.Makalanga Kigamboni Ward Executive officer and finaly Mfaume A.Ally the Chairman of Youth Vision Of Kigamboni sharing ideas on the topic of the workshop training.

Tua Moyo community members from Kigamboni Dar es Salaam attentively listenning to the workshop facilitator "not seen in the photo" on Climate Change Capacity Building,Risk Assessment and Adaptation Options.

Members in groups discussing on effects of Climate change, Mitigation measures and  adaptation options to be implemented in their community.

Tua Moyo Kigamboni community members and other participants in group photo at the  closing day (9 of August 2011) of the workshop .